Goat & Sheep Services


*Travel fee is applicable TO ALL FARM CALLS

New Goat Owners- Great for first time goat owners or new goats to the farm. Nutrition consultation, general herdsman care and pointers. Only $25 or Hourly depending

Hoof trimming $15 per animal

Blood Draws $12 per animal (Owners send in samples. We fill out paperwork together and you will have all the information needed to send it in for CAE, CL, Johnes & OPP, and pregnancy testing)

Tattoos $4 per ear/tail web side

Body Clipping $35 For any goat needing a summer hair-cut or prep for a show.

Disbudding (dehorn) is done at 2 weeks or less

Banding castration $5

Fast, friendly, knowledgable. Serving Clackamas and surrounding counties such as Washington, Multnomah, Jefferson and Clark since 2008.  

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