American Bresse Chickens


HATCHING EGGS! $100 for 18 (includes shipping, sent priority mail) 

CHICKS $10 each + $50 shipping

La Bresse chickens are reputed to be the best-tasting chickens in the world. Our founding flock is from Greenfire Farms and was purchased in 2020. 

This breed is truly a dual purpose breed that thrives on free range and gains weight on grass it seems. They also lay 250 + eggs per year!

Our breeding birds come direct from Green Fire Farms in 2020 and are very correct to the breed standard. 

They are a hardy breed that doesn’t have the problems of conventional cornish hybrids because they never get to big for their legs and can reproduce.

About 500 years ago, Bresse (rhymes with "bless") emerged as a distinct chicken breed in the former province of Bresse in eastern France. In France and indeed throughout the world, they have earned the reputation of having a unique and exquisite flavor. 


The white variety is the best known and is used almost exclusively for meat production whiich is what we have. White Bresse are instantly recognized with its large red comb, bright white feathers, white earlobes and steel-blue legs. (As newly hatched chicks their legs are yellow.) 

Farm pickup avaiable or transort to Portland, OR for chicks. All chicks must be paid for prior to hatching unless already hatched. $10 a chick + Shipping

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