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DNA CEA- Carrier 08/2017

OFA Hip Results: Excellent

Elbows: Normal

IGS- Clear

TNS and CL - Normal/Clear

MDR1 Status- Non Mutant/Clear                                                                                                                                                                          

IGS- Clear

MDR1 Status- Non Mutant/Clear

TNS and CL - Normal/Clear

Red carrier

Callie is a co-owned bitch.  She spent the first year of her life building agility foundation and has had 60 days professional agility training. She is well balanced and has great body awareness because of her early training.  She excels at close hand work like agility, scent training, tricks, etc. She has recently started herding training after turning onto stock a bit later in life. She already shows wonderful balance and pace with the stock. She still has a ways to go with working on her confidence around the larger stocks like cattle but she easily earned her duck and sheep titles in her first herding competition. Her owner and I are very excited to see what new skills we can teach her. 


May 2018- Started Cattle title ASCA 

May 2018 - 4th place ducks, Ashland OR

May 2018- 3rd place sheep,  Ashland OR

May 2018- Started Duck title ASCA

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