DNA CEA Carrier

OFA Hip Results- Hips: Good Elbows: Normal

OFA Shoulder: Normal

IGS- Clear

TNS and CL - Normal/Clear

MDR1 Status- Non Mutant/Clear                                                                                                                                                                          

Mali, as we affectionately call her, is a one of a kind dog. She has an upright working style and she possesses a great desire to please. She shows natural balance and pace with working stock and is very kind to them. With her mothers looks and her dads brains she is one to think through problems. Although a late bloomer she has come into the herding scene with a natural gift and is moving very fast in her training. 

IMG 2844.jpg


May 2018- Started Cattle title, Ashland OR

May 2018 - Started Duck title, Ashland OR

March 2018- Started Sheep title, Arlingtion WA 

March 2018- 2nd place started sheep AM, 3rd place stared sheep PM

February 2017- AHBA JHD title Battleground, WA

Offspring: RVF Brianna

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