WTCH RACP Nova - AKC and ABCA Registered

nova stack.jpg



DNA CEA Carrier 02/27/2015

OFA Results- Hips: Good Elbows: Normal

IGS- Clear

MDR1 Status- Non Mutant/Clear

TNS and CL - Normal/Clear

Nove is a wonderful sport dog who loves life. Her willingness and spirit to try anything is what make he a great farm dog. She is very athletic and excels at both herding and obedience. Although she is what I call a late bloomer in the herding scene her advancement has been very quick and she has become one of my favorite dogs to work with. Her style is more upright but she will take a bite on command and will keep going when the stock get tough. This dog has power in her own right and is a competitor to watch out for.


May 2017- Working trial Champion Title Ashland, OR

February 2017- AHBA HTAD 1 title, 1st place and 2nd place Battleground, WA

March 2015- 3rd place Novice USBCHA Idaho 

Aug 2015- Started Cattle title ASCA and 2nd overall

Aug 2015- Started Sheep title ASCA and 2nd overall 

Aug 2015- 2nd place ducks and 1st leg of started title ASCA

Aug 2015- Calapooia Classic ACSA 1st Place started Sheep, Ducks and Cattle

Aug 2015- Calapooia Classic Most promising Started Dog

Aug 2015- Calapooia Classic High Combined in Trial Other Breed

May 2016- Open Cattle title Ashland, OR 2nd with a score of 109 PM

May  2016- Fourth place open sheep AM trial

May 2016- Third place open cattle AM trial

May 2016- Second place open ducks AM trial

Offspring: RVF Malibu, RVF Callie, RVF Pepper RVF Chevelle



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